Fall Creek Homeschool

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  • TEST POST FOR SLV HOMESCHOOL Curriculum:  We believe children learn better when they are allowed to follow their interests and passions. We offer flexibility in educational approach which is individualized to each student’s style ...
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Our foremost intentions are: 

  • To guide and nurture the natural unfolding of the whole child in a developmentally based learning environment 
  • To promote experiences which allow every child to learn successfully 
  • To recognize and respect each child as an individual with a unique learning style, disposition and intelligence 
  • To guide each child in becoming a self motivated life long learner. 

Our program is based on the following premises: 

  • Parents are the most important teachers in a child’s life. 
  • One of the most important gifts we can give children is to allow them to learn at their own pace. 
  • Each child deserves full respect. This respect creates an atmosphere where learning is facilitated. If they knew the words, even very young children would ask: "Help me learn to do it myself." 
  • The best possible curriculum is the one that starts with each child’s singular learning style. 
  • Children learn best when they are having fun and when they are given choices. 
  • Children need to learn through being and experiencing. 
  • When provided with the appropriate environment and guidance children become completely absorbed in written expression. 
  • Some of a child’s most important discoveries take place through connecting with nature. 
  • Listening to the child, acknowledging and valuing his or her unique gifts provide the foundation for successful learning experiences. 
  • As teachers we provide the most support when we stay in the background, watch, listen, and learn about the child. 
  • The benefits of learning in a multiage classroom are unlimited. There is tremendous value in children learning from each other. 
  • When competition is eliminated the child is freed from overstrain, feelings of inferiority, and emotional stress. 
  • Lifelong self-images are formed by how successful we are in relating to others. 
  • It is important to develop the whole personality of the child, not merely intellectual faculties, but also powers of deliberation, initiative, and independent choice. 
  • We are dedicated to creating a genuine love of learning within each child.