SLV Charter 25 Homeschool Program

SLV Charter 25 Homeschool Program 

We are parents and teachers who trust and believe in children. We know that children need time to play and imagine. Children are natural learners and unhindered will strive to acquire new skills continuously. We walk a spiral path not a straight line and support each other in the day to day challenges of child-rearing.

We provide:

  • Assistance from credentialed teachers to establish learning experiences and educational goals for school aged children.
  • Home visits
  • A homeschool resource center
  • Optional activities, classes and field trips. 

We are old fashioned and enjoy face to face or ear to ear communication. If you are interested in joining our program, please contact Estelle at 831-336-0942 box 3.

We are a home and community based program offering parents and children (K-12) an opportunity to take part in individualized educational activities under the guidance of credentialed teachers. Family and community experiences provide a fertile ground for the education of our children. We believe that learning is not separate from living and support child –led, family centered education, helping children find and understand their passions. 

Boulder Creek Homeschool

Boulder Creek Homeschool

Our alternative classroom-based visual and performing arts elementary homeschool program believe:

  • Children want to do their best; they have an innate love of learning.
  • Cultured events and the use of visual and performing arts is the best way to encourage children’s interests.
  • Teachers can be positive mentors and provide inspiration for homeschool families.

We are:

  • Teachers who collaboratively teach and support homeschool families with children grades K-5 who want the consistent support of a 2-day week, multi-age classroom experience.
  • Families who have chosen diverse methods of homeschooling in the way we learn at home.  In the classroom we help to build a nurturing community environment.

Fall Creek Homeschool

Fall Creek Homeschool: Trillium Learning Collective 

As an alternative classroom-based elementary homeschool program, our foremost intentions are:

  • To guide and nurture the natural unfolding of the whole child in a developmentally based learning environment
  • To promote experiences which allow every child to learn successfully
  • To recognize and respect each child as an individual with a unique learning style, disposition and intelligence
  • To guide each child in becoming a self-motivated lifelong learner.

Coast Redwood Middle School

Coast Redwood Middle School 

Our alternative classroom-based middle school homeschool:

  • We are students who are on the path to become independent learners, and want to help support a dynamic group of friends as co-learners.
  • We are families who want to maintain a strong, homeschool relationship with their pre-adolescent children, and who are also willing to help support a fun and active class group by participating in camping, field trips, parent-taught courses and special activities.

Coast Redwood High School

Coast Redwood High School 
A hybrid classroom, high school, homeschool program, Coast Redwood HS serves students and families in grades 9-12 who want to become independent learners.

  • Coast Redwood is a unique homeschool environment that provides flexibility in curriculum and instruction and one-to-one teacher support.  We offer grade level cohorts for academic and social support.  All students enrolled in Coast Redwood receive the benefits of a personalized learning program while adhering to state standards.

Nature Academy

The Nature Academy 
An adventurous classroom-based middle school program, The Nature Academy is geared toward the academically-minded, self-motivated student who relishes a challenging, experienced-based curriculum.

The four crucial program components:

  • Learning is not confined to textbooks and lectures
  • Personal growth and development is treated as a thoroughly integrated part of the learning experience
  • The Nature Academy places unique demands upon its teachers as well as students
  • The Nature Academy students, staff and parents constitute a tightly knit community in which everyone has a mutual investment and a shared commitment.

Mountain Independent Studies

Mountain Independent Studies 
An alternative classroom-based, elementary, homeschool program:

  • Serves a tightly-knit group of students and families invested in homeschooling and community learning.