January 2015 Newsletter

posted Jan 13, 2015, 5:58 PM by Laurie Becker   [ updated Jan 14, 2015, 8:33 PM ]
Welcome back everyone... and Happy New Year!   I hope that you had a wonderful winter break, and that you are ready for the upcoming events and activities.  We had a lovely day today with excitement about seeing friends and being back at school.  We enjoyed poetry, library, music with Paula, and then watercolor art with Mary Beth Duncan (warm and cool colors).  We worked in the garden, read Return to Gone Away Lake, and discussed our upcoming class play "Vacation on Mars".  This play is a little musical romp in our solar system which I think the children will enjoy.  We will be doing a little amending, so if any of you would like to help with some ideas it would be very welcome!

We say farewell this month to Carter and his family, and wish them the best of luck!  I know that Amanda sent an email to all of you.  They will be greatly missed, and I am looking for someone to help out in the areas where Amanda has volunteered.  This correspondence  will be the newsletter for the month, and I will try to get a calendar out to you by Friday too.

January brings plans for our class play, discussion about the upcoming Science Fair and Readathon,  writing for the 6th grade Grandparent's Tea to be held in early February, and continuing our National Parks presentations.  Art, music, and PE will continue as usual.  If your child is signed up to present their park in January, please see me asap so we can schedule.

Meeting dates to put on your calendar are the 7th for the Parents Club meeting, and the 14th for our monthly Parent Evening from 6:30-8:00.  We will be discussing our class play, and Tanya Bennett will be sharing about planning and teaching with creative main lesson books.

I am looking forward to a great month together, and appreciate all you do!