September Classroom News

posted Sep 30, 2016, 3:02 PM by Reina Honig

Hi Families,

We hope this note finds you all well! So many great things have been happening in our classroom the last couple of weeks, check out these photos of some of the artwork and math/writing that the kids created. Thanks to one of our new parents, Danica, we will have photos of our plan book and new bulletin boards emailed on a weekly basis. You’ll be able to find updated photos on this site throughout the month as well.

We are still working to link the class calendar to the one below so in the meantime, you should have received an invitation to follow a Google Calendar entitled Mountain IS Calendar. There you will find important dates, reminders for field trips and workshops we think some of you may be interested in - like this one called Begin with the Brain and this one shared by a parent called History of Americas that begins next week.

Classroom news:

Math: We’ve been working with bar graphs, collecting and organizing data, and learning some content vocabulary including mean, median and mode. In addition, we make observations about the calendar and look for patterns and multiples.

Science: As student geologists, we’ve compared rocks and minerals, learned about birthstones, and learned some content vocabulary: luster, streak, cleavage, buoyancy, color, texture, weight and hardness.

Language Arts: During our Morning Message students practice a variety of  phonics and whole language reading strategies. They begin by guessing possibilities for covered words based on the context of the message. As we reveal portions of the words students practice strategies to validate or change their guesses. Identifying initial sound or common “chunks”  (prefixes and suffixes) or using prior content knowledge are a few of these strategies.

A variety of student guesses are valuable in helping search for synonyms, as well as inspire creative aka “juicy” word choices in our own future writing.  Writing descriptions about rocks, creating “Guess Who?” books - to be sent home next week. Reading Kevin Henkes’ books and evaluating and discussing his writing “voice”, and comparing/contrasting the character traits. And finally, letter writing to the 4th grade class regarding their play.

Art/Music: Name Card Art with Mary Beth. We got to enjoy the 4th Grade Play “Gold Dust, or Bust!”, what a wonderful performance! Rhythm and movement chants with Sheila.

We look forward to seeing you at our newly scheduled first Parent Meeting on Wednesday, October 5 from 5:30-6:30pm.