November Thank Yous!

posted Nov 29, 2016, 8:44 PM by Reina Honig   [ updated Nov 29, 2016, 8:50 PM ]
Hello Families,
Wow! What a wonderful feast and fun games! Thank you all who were here to celebrate this great IS community. It was a really happy day. Our bellies are full, our hearts are warm, and we are thankful no on broke a leg playing Capture the Flag!

I've attached a few photos of the fun as well as some from the classroom activities.

We finished up our Pumpkin Decomposition project today with only a few brave souls who included smelling the pumpkin mush as part of their observations. We noticed that there really wasn't much change to the whole pumpkin after 2 weeks but the yeast had a huge impact on the breakdown of the pumpkin chunks. The students wrote and illustrated their observations for their Science journals - check them out next time you visit the classroom!

The kids did a wonderful job "trotting" around the track for the Turkey Trot and fun was had by all! The ice pops were well deserved!

On Tuesday we read another fabulous Tomie De Paola book, The legend of the Indian paintbrush.   We created our own "animal skins" by tearing paper bags, 
(great for fine motor development). Then we drew and painted  symbols to tell a story just like the character Little Gopher did in this inspiring piece of literature. 

Thank you for all who have volunteered for a shift with the Goodwill truck. 
If this weekend was not available for you,  we hope you consider donating your time or some supplies to help our IS sponsored holiday wreath booth at our annual Mountain School Holiday night on December 9th. See the attached sign up sheet that is also posted on our door.

Have a lovely weekend.

Reina and Kim