November News

posted Nov 9, 2016, 8:21 PM by Reina Honig

Hello all,

Here are some pictures and info about our classroom days Friday, 11/4 and Tuesday, 11/8.


The class took a walk through the school garden looking firsthand at the role that decomposition plays in the world. They followed up by starting an indoor experiment comparing the decay of chunks of pumpkin with and without yeast to an intact pumpkin.


We had fun playing a new class made taboo game.  The students worked with buddies to create game cards for a waterform or landform which included 5 taboo words. Then in teams , students tried to guess the mystery word with a description that could not include any taboo word choices.

With our guest parent, Simon's mom Robin, students used ballots to vote for their choice of Tomie de Paola book. The Night and the Dragon was the clear winner. Robin then did a fabulous read aloud.

In art we created these awesome mixed media geodes.

In music with Sheila we learned some new words and movements to a folk song.

See you next week!