First Week Information

posted Aug 30, 2016, 1:16 PM by Reina Honig

Hi Families,

It was so wonderful to see our returning families on Wednesday and be able to introduce a few of our new ones to our marvelous mountaineers!

If you did not get a chance to sign up for your planning meetings, please contact us directly to arrange that ASAP. When attending your first goal setting meeting, please bring any curriculum that you are thinking of using with you. During these meetings as well as our new parent orientation (scheduled for August 31st at 11:00 am) we will be touring the classroom to familiarize you with curriculum and resources that are available on site.  

For now, you may print off and use the attached logs to track daily participation in the different academic areas. Our first classroom day will be Tuesday September, 13th from 9:00-2:00. In general Tuesdays will be taught by Mrs. Fleming and Fridays by Mrs. Honig. However, we are excited to enjoy our first day with your children teaching together.

Our classroom day schedule will be as follows. So please be mindful to arrive on time or at a transition time so your child will feel secure about participating fully after hearing instruction.

Tuesday with Mrs. Fleming Friday with Mrs Honig

9:00    Read Morning Message/ Games

9:00    Read Morning Message/Games

9:25    Morning Message Review

9:25    Morning Message Review

9:35    Math and Science

9:35    Math and Science

10:15  Recess

10:15  Recess

10:30  Library & Author Study

10:30  PE

11:00  Art

11:15  Writer’s Workshop

12:00 Recess/Lunch/Reading/*Sharing

12:00  Recess/Lunch/ Reading

1:15   Music

1:00    California history

1:55   Circle Time

1:55    Circle Time

Dismissal will be at 2:00pm. During our circle time we will be giving each speaker our full attention and an opportunity to share a “THINK thing” - Thoughtful, Helpful, Interesting, Nice or Kind thing that happened at school. If you can be sneaky about it, please feel free to listen in from outside our window. However, we ask that you wait until our dismissal to enter the room.

Since some families like to align their home studies with our classroom curriculum, we have provided an overview of some of what we plan to cover throughout the year.

Social Studies and History:

California historical events, state symbols and geography and map skills


Earth Science: rocks and minerals (gold), land and water forms, rock cycle, etc. (primarily using the FOSS Curriculum)


Developing mathematical language to communicate in depth the mathematical practices through introducing Problems of the Month, problem solving, Dot & Number Talks. We will begin the year focusing on attributes, patterns, and graphing.

Language Arts

While focusing on a variety of styles and structures students will express themselves through Writer’s Workshop, journal writing, math & science notebooks.

Phonemic Awareness

Practice will be provided through songs, poems, pocket chart and hands-on word building activities.

Author and Illustrator Studies

Students will listen, read, compare and analyze works from each of the following authors and illustrators through whole class and small group literature.

Fall: Kevin Henkes and Mike Thaler (Friendship and School)

Winter: Tomie De Paola, Jan Brett (Legends, Traditions)

Steven Kellogg (Tall Tales)

Spring: Dr Suess, Edward Munsch, Patricia Palocco

Book Club

Our parent organized Book Club meets monthly on Tuesday after school to discuss literature while sipping tea. Our first book club is scheduled for September 27th.  "Carry On Mr Bowditch" You may contact Emily Martin for more details.


Class Play: “America’s Tallest Tales”


Our sharing time will provide a valuable opportunity for public speaking, thoughtful listening and responding. When it is your child’s day to share, they should bring an item that can fit inside our (grocery bag sized) “Mystery Bag”. Students are to write or dictate three clues to go with their items. It is a good idea to practice reading them at home with a clear speaking voice and eye contact. Classmates will be using the clues to guess the mystery items.

Art and Music

Students will be inspired by our amazing art teacher Marybeth Duncan as well as our new music teacher, Sheila Cliff.


Mrs Fleming and Mrs Honig will be teaming to teach our fun filled, skills based PE program each Friday. Please dress appropriately including athletic shoes.   

Field Trips Dates to Remember

4th and 5th grade Coloma is October 19th-21st

6th grade Science School is October 10th-14th

K-6th grade Giants Stadium “Green Glove Tour” is March 8th

Surely that is enough for you all to ponder over this weekend. Enjoy your weekend with your lovely families.


Kim & Reina

(AKA Mrs. Fleming & Mrs. Honig)